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COA's diverse and highly qualified intelligence analysis personnel provide unmatched skills to tackle the US government and private sector's most challenging issues.  We bring mission-focused clarity and insights to the overwhelming and oftentimes conflicting volumes of source information, empowering our clients to make decisions, anticipate and mitigate threats, and safeguard critical assets.


Our Intelligence & Analytical Service Solutions include the following:

  • All Source Intelligence

  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Targeting Analysis

  • Multi-INT Fusion

  • Socio-Cultural Analysis

  • Imagery & Geospatial Analysis

  • Language Services

  • Source Collection Services

  • OCONUS Deployment & Advisory Services


In addition to our skilled workforce, Catalyst curates thousands of information streams and geospatial data layers from a diverse collection of sources and global partners, allowing us to provide rapid contextual analysis and impact assessments to enable mission success.

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