Catalyst Operations & Analytics, LLC (COA) provides tailored support to Government and commercial clients through specialized training, linguistics, subject matter expertise, and analytic services.  Our mission is to ensure that our clients have a current and complete understanding of the complexities, risks, and opportunities whenever and wherever they conduct business.


Intelligence & Analytic Services

Our intelligence experts bring decades of experience living in, studying and understanding the local atmospherics in a given country to accurately evaluate our clients’ exposure and inform decision making - supporting commercial due diligence, operational environment assessments, physical and site security management, executive protection, and cyber security considerations.


Specialized Consulting & Targeted Knowledge

Utilizing our collective experience at COA, together with trusted partners, we fill a highly specialized niche with our intelligence and security professionals.  In addition, we provide physical security services to clients requiring personnel with specialized backgrounds and national security clearances - providing executive protection, surveillance detection, situational awareness, and static duty security.

Corporate Service Solutions

COA’s staff of veteran intelligence and operations professionals provide expert instruction and mentoring to help protect your most critical organizational assets.  We support a broad spectrum of operational training requirements – with a particular focus on helping define and make sense of your organization’s threat environment, improving physical and information security practices, and risk avoidance and mitigation strategies at home and abroad.  Whether through classroom-based instruction, practical field exercises and ‘wargames’, or one-on-one coaching, COA’s staff make a personal investment in understanding your organization’s unique training challenges and needs. The content and format of each instructional solution we develop is custom tailored to achieve the individual and nuanced goals of our clients.  


Why Choose Catalyst?

Utilizing current networks based on years of support within the Defense and Intelligence enterprise, Catalyst is able to provide operationally current training staff knowledgeable in recent global environments. We maintain an elite cadre of professionals to instruct and discuss real-world events, atmospherics, and country-specific information.


Whether we deliver value through our operational support or training products, COA strives to empower each client with professional services and information sharing designed to protect your organizational assets and increase situational awareness. 

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