We ensure our clients have a current and complete understanding of the complexities, risks, and opportunities whenever and wherever they conduct business.


Through our four service pillars, we deliver expertise that increases situational awareness, streamlines organizational decision-making processes, and protects critical assets.


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Intelligence & Analytical Services

Our seasoned intelligence professionals provide unmatched expertise spanning the all source, open source, geospatial, and operational intelligence specialties.


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Cyber Technology & Consulting

Through our deep domain knowledge of adversarial tactics, we deploy innovative solutions to advance our client’s most complex cyber and technology missions.


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Operational Support & Specialized Consulting

Our tailored operational consulting services help prepare our clients for the operational unknown  – especially in cases where local knowledge and on-the-ground experience is essential.


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Threat Environment Awareness & Training

We help define and make sense of your organization’s threat environment wherever you operate, improving security practices, risk avoidance practices, and mitigation strategies.

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We provide our clients with operationally current professionals who are experts in global intelligence and security issues spanning multiple domains. We maintain an elite cadre of experienced professionals who enable complex and dynamic mission success.


Whether we deliver value through our operational support, technical solutions, or training products, Catalyst strives to empower each client with professional services and solutions designed to protect your organizational assets and increase situational awareness. 

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